Reducing Paper Jams

Without doubt the most frequently reported problem we receive is paper jamming.  Paper jams can be caused by a number of causes, some completely avoidable and usually not due to any fault with the printer.


Low grade budget papers should be avoided.  Use only good quality branded paper and avoid paper that is not wrapped in reams packets.


Paper is absorbant and will absorb moisture from the environment.  Damp paper will curl when printing on it and this curl is a major cause of jams.  Ensure your paper is stored away from damp areas and leave paper in its sealed ream until required.


Paper handling is essential.  Fan the paper as you load it, this provides a layer of air between each sheet of paper and therefore reduces misfeeding.  When loading the paper in your printer draw make sure it is loaded against the paper guides and that the guides are set not too tight (gripping the paper) or too loose (allowing the paper to skew out of position.  Never load the paper beyond the level indicated on the paper draw.