Forest Positive Printing

Forest Positive Printing

Our Carbon Neutral Printing Mission – through reforestation and afforestation.

We all know that we need to do more to help our planet and that we need to do it now.  Blue Box is currently planting 42 trees every month (more than 1 every day) to offset our customers printer use.

With your help we aim to exceed this by offering ALL our customers Forest Positive Printing.  

How much does tree planting and reforestation help?

The trees our tree planting partner Forest Wide plant on your behalf, will on average absorb 109kg of carbon in it is life cycle.  Blue Box are committed to planting trees with every new printer ordered however, with your help we can do more…..a lot more!

We need your help!

We want our customers to join our Forest Positive Printing and start reducing their environmental impact.  We ask for only a very small increase in our very competitive cost per page support (just an extra £0.0001 per black page and £0.001 per colour page), in return, through Forest Wide, Blue Box will plant a tree for every 1,000 colour pages and 10,000 black pages that you print.

Greater benefits

Our partners are a Certified B Corporation, they work with a specific focus on developing countries to better support local farmers and rural communities, as well as planting trees in the UK. Their tree planting projects help reduce air, water, and soil pollution, create local job opportunities, and bring communities together.

New and existing customers qualify for Forest Positive Printing why wait…. switch now!

To join Blue Box Forest Positive Printing please call 0845 129 8386 or complete the contact form.