Changing Printer Settings on MAC's via CUPS

CAUTION: For Advanced Users ONLY.

If you need to change MAC printer driver defaults this can be done either via the Printer Driver or, for more advanced users, there are further settings in the CUPS Web Interface.

CAUTION: For Advanced Users ONLY – for information only.  

To enable CUPS Web Interface

  • Open Terminal (in Applications->Utilities) and enter: cupsctl WebInterface=yes

To edit Settings (once Web Interface is enabled).

  • Enter http://localhost:631/printers/ in your web browser
  • Select the Printer you wish to configure
  • Browse for relevant options and settings (for example paper trays, 2-sided on/off etc)
  • Click Set Options before exiting.

Following this, or any guidance on our website is done so at your own risk.  

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